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Even if you presently have bad credit, it does mean that you cannot have that loan you need during financial problems. This is because “bad credit” is relative depending on who is looking at it. Bank of Mauritius is here to help you financially even if you have bad credit! Our site is a dedicated resource to helping people find a loan when they need it online!

When our founding member had bad credit and couldn't find a loan online to help, he almost lost everything. Now we have put together this site so something like that doesn't happen to anyone else!

The first step to getting a loan online is to be educated about loans online.

Here is information about getting a loan online

First off, what is a loan online or cash advance online?

A Cash Advance or Online Loan is a service provided by a lender who lends money to someone that agrees to repay the loan back after a certain period of time and a fee. Here is detailed information about Cash Advances

Do not make assumptions

While someone might label you with a bad credit score, you should evaluate the same yourself. This is because lenders evaluate people differently when they loan applications. If you happen to have a bad credit that is similar to several other persons, your lender will evaluate some other aspect such as you history, age or current income which might make you eligible for the bad credit loan.

Shop around

When shopping around, you will realize that there are certain lenders who prefer people with bad credit. Although this is a good thing, you should be careful with such lenders as they will have higher interest rates and repayment terms. Thus, you should always have some specific criteria that you will want addressed by the lender you choose and not cling to the first one that accepts your application.

Ask for assistance

If you are able to, you should also have someone accompany you when searching for lenders. This will help you identify who the best bad credit lender is. They can also help you in scrutinizing the terms and conditions that you will be offered so that you are taken advantage of because of your bad credit score. This is especially important since you may not be aware of all the terms being used which can put you in a tight spot once you sign up. Thus, having someone who can play roles such as acting unimpressed, critical and dubious of the terms can help you in the long run.
We have done a lot of research and we recommend using instant cash loans for emergencies

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